Sunday, 20 July 2014

Things in Envelopes

Welcome back!  Last time I mentioned Barry Donaldson's (Reading Bus Man) small golden envelope with a challenge inside ... which has resulted in a large white envelope full of fabulous book covers arriving at my door!  Who sent them, you ask?  What are they book covers of?  And which are my three favourites???

All will be revealed next month, when the schools go back!

But that wasn't it for excellent envelopes.  My postman also brought me these - advance copies of my new Viking books - in a large brown envelope.  Leif Frond and the Viking Games and Leif Frond and Quickfingers will both be available from 14th August.  Exciting!

Meantime, who's my favourite author this month?

Diana Wynne Jones

Which of her books have I read lately?

Howl's Moving Castle
Enchanted Glass

Which of her books should I read next?  You choose!  Let me know and I'll dive right in.

Bye for now!


  1. On the late side, but if you're still DWJ-ing, then Archer's Goon! :-) I like the unexpected ending!

    1. It's never too late for a book recommendation! And I haven't read it, so thanks!