Sunday, 8 June 2014

Patron of Reading for a Bus!

This is what the outside of the beautiful Aberdeen Reading Bus looks like…

 … and this is what the inside looks like …

… and this is what a Patron of Reading and a bevy of readers look like!

That’s right – fuzzy! I think it’s because, behind the camera, 5 classes of P5s from Heatheryburn Primary and Brimmond Primary in Aberdeen were thundering about the place! We had a great time together, finding out about Pip and the gargoyle Perfect and their adventures in my books The Wickit Chronicles, trying on medieval costumes, and discovering some squishy and revolting facts about the Middle Ages. And if that wasn’t enough, Barry Donaldson, king of the Reading Bus, has set those schools a fabulous challenge … in a golden envelope … 

What can it be? 

I’m Joan Lennon, Patron of Reading for a Bus – and if you want to find out more about me, or what on earth a Patron of Reading is, or what Barry hid in the golden envelope, then come back soon!

(Meantime, you can find out more about Aberdeen's Reading Bus here!)


  1. Being the Reading Patron of a BUS sounds such an amazing idea!

  2. Looks such fabulous fun. I am quite envious! :-)

  3. Love the sound of the Reading Bus! Hope there's a whole fleet of them soon.