Monday, 1 September 2014

Remember Those Golden Envelopes?

Way back last term, Barry Donaldson (aka Reading Bus Man) went out into the world with some golden envelopes - and in the golden envelopes there was a challenge - and the challenge was ...

... to create some amazing cover images for The Wickit Chronicles!  And here are the winners (and a couple of Honourable Mentions) from Heatheryburn Primary School -

For Ely Plot, we have Hollie Thompson's bold design - 

Then, Keia Robb's cover for Fen Gold -

For Ice Road, we have Evan Michael Forrest's picture - 

And for Witch Bell, the last book of the series, here is Dylan Carroll's cover -

I wanted to also post 2 Honourable Mentions - Bradley Robertson's energetic Ely Plot picture -

and Ella Webster's scary poisoner -

Was it hard to choose the winners?  You bet it was.  I want to thank all of you for letting me see your cover ideas - it absolutely made my day!  Huge congratulations! 

And now, let's see what amazing challenges Barry can come up with next -